The Update

The Update is a quarterly newsletter keeping members, project and funding partners informed of the most recent events in the life of the WACC family. Please click on the image to download the latest issue.

Gender and the Media

WACC believes that monitoring the media and using solid data to persuade media practitioners to represent the sexes more realistically will ultimately result in less gender-based violence and greater freedom for both sexes to pursue their full potential and humanity, unburdened by restrictive gender stereotypes. WACC is committed to making societies more just and equitable through the promotion of empowering, reality-based portrayals of women and men in all news media.

(Anglican Journal, Sept. 2013)




Communication and Human Rights

WACC believes that recognizing and building on communication rights, as well as the right to access information and knowledge,  are just as much a part of just global structures as fair wages, equitable land ownership, gender equality and open access to nutrition, water, education and health care. It believes that, through communication, many wounds can be healed and many unjust structures can be made right.

(Anglican Journal, Dec. 2012)






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