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Many people and communities throughout the world are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new information and communication technologies, but also by new legislation that supports the development of community media. However, poor and marginalized people are often excluded from these processes by geographical location or lack of resources and skills. Many groups – especially women – are also silenced by social structures and cultural traditions.

WACC tries to help such people and communities by supporting small projects that take a rights-based approach to communication and information as part of a strategy to address other development challenges. It does so in the firm belief that only if communication is participatory can it empower individuals and communities, challenge unequal political, economic and cultural structures, and help to build a more just and peaceful world.

Many of the projects are partly supported by a donor whose funding is conditional on a second donation. WACC may be able to match, or double or even triple a contribution from another funding partner. Therefore, we very much welcome both partial and full support for our projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information.

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PHOTO: A young girl in Timbuktu, a city in northern Mali which was seized by Islamist fighters in 2012 and then liberated by French and Malian soldiers in early 2013. This girl belongs to the Bella ethnic group, which has traditionally been exploited by the region's lighter-skinned groups. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ ACT Alliance.






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