Rights-based action in a time of Covid-19

By  on April 07, 2020


Communication saves lives, strengthens solidarity 


Digital First Responders

The Center for Community Media investigates how innovative news outlets are meeting the needs of immigrant communities during the pandemic.

LIVE GUIDE: All our coronavirus fact-checks in one place

Misinformation has been spreading as fast as the coronavirus. Africa Check sorts fact from fiction.

UNESCO to support media in developing countries to face coronavirus challenge

Media and journalists around the world play a crucial role, as they provide an essential public service to the population.


Do you speak Covid?

A policy brief by Translators Without Borders on the importance of language in the Covid-19 response.  

Covid-19 Migrant Monitor

A web-based initiative that gathers timely and appropriate information directed towards helping migrants during the Covid-19 outbreak, launched by the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants. 


Community and communication in times of isolation

For our common good, we need to use and promote technologies to unite people and communities who are divided by adversity.

Indigenous community radio addresses critical gap in Covid-19 information

WACC Global’s grassroots partners in Ecuador and Nepal are actively responding to the Covid-19 pandemic by bringing crucial information about the contagious disease in languages that their local Indigenous communities speak and understand.  

When mainstream media get it right 

Trustworthy public service media are always needed, but never more so than at times of strife, disaster, and emergency.

Digital privacy and the need to know

Collecting personal data for the best of reasons – such as tackling the coronavirus pandemic – has triggered a wave of misgivings.

April 07, 2020

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