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By Staff on August 13, 2016

Media Development 2016/3

Local vs. Traditional Media

Deep-seated changes in the newspaper and journalism industries together with technological convergence are leading to weaker local news media that struggle to hold power to account, to keep people informed, to encourage civic and political engagement, and to foster community integration. What does the future hold?



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Media Development 2016/3 editorial
Philip Lee

Networking for a stronger journalism
Linda Steiner

Local journalism in Canada needs a boost
Bob Cox

Local media and digital frontiers: The Malaysian conundrum
Zaharom Nain & Gayathry Venkiteswaran 

Local media and digital frontiers
Swaziland Community Multimedia Network

“Not your father’s local media”, o cómo la revolución digital cambió (casi) todas las referencias
Carlos Eduardo Cortés S.

Who loves local news?
Lee Shaker

Dominio o seducción
Carlos A. Valle


Building communication policies with a public sense
Andrés Cañizález

On the screen

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August 13, 2016
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