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By  on August 16, 2015

Media Development 2015/3

Enabling People's Voices to be Heard

This issue of Media Development seeks to provide new thinking on how communication for social change can be better shaped by – and aligned with – the challenge of bringing about people-based, sustainable and meaningful transformation.



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Media Development 2015/3 editorial
Philip Lee

Institutionalising social mobilisation as a social change process
Steven Sam

Making agricultural research for development work in remote Vietnam
Huu Nhuan Nguyen

Participatory video for citizen mobilisation in South Africa
Tamara Plush

The CSC dilemma in development: A possible solution
Grady Walker and Julie Arrighi

Co-creative processes in the Big Stories Small Towns film project
Samantha Ryan

Folk media and their use in HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns
Hagos Nigussie


Media representation of Muslim youth in Australia
Laya Matindoost

The good society and building a culture of hope
Mohammad Sahid Ullah


La tecnología ¿define la estructura de la sociedad?
Carlos A. Valle

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August 16, 2015
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